pablo aguilar-galindo

editor | film critic

Pablo Aguilar-Galindo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in directing and scriptwriting from Bande à Part film school (Barcelona) with a Master in film editing from ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya).

From an early age he was aware of his interest in entertainment and spent four years learning act at Aula de Teatre Monumental de Mataró. He soon opted for the audiovisual as a way of telling stories. During his time as a student, he directed small pieces such as "Entre Sábanas", for Notodofilmfest, or "Un Viaje", for the Subtravelling International Festival, among many others. "Toda una vida", produced by El dedo en el ojo, is his first short film selected at some festivals.

After editing his own works as a director, since 2018 he has dedicated himself to editing different pieces that range from videoclips (Terrorist of Romance) to theatre promotions (Productora 23), passing through small corporatives pieces (Dejàvins). Without giving up fiction and devoting most of his time to the field of short films, in which he has extensive experience. Also, he has recently joined the AMMAC (Associació de Muntadors i Muntadores de Catalunya).

At the same time, he works as an editor in the online magazine, covering film festivals such as Sitges, Málaga, San Sebastián or Venice, among many others. He is also part of the Asociación de Informadores Cinematográficos de España and jury at the Premios Feroz.